Drums for kids


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This course is for our younger students, where they will have fun learning classic rock songs from Queen, Green Day, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin and many others.

The simple and easy to follow course will enable kids to learn faster and help them focus on one or two new ideas each lesson.

You will learn basic skills to get you started such as how to set up the drum-kit, tune the drums, how to hold the drum sticks, learn skills in hand and foot technique and learn about all the parts that make a drum-kit.

The best way to get better on the drums is to play along to songs. You will learn how to jam along to songs, just like being in a band and learn some cool beats and drum fills.


How to select the right drum-kit for you

Correct posture on the drum-kit

Setting up a drum-kit

Tuning the drums

How to hold the drum sticks

Hand and foot coordination

Basic Rock Beats

Snare drum patterns

Bass drum patterns

Crash & Ride Cymbal

Music Reading

Learning more beats and Rhythms

Learn how to play cool drum fills

Jamming & soloing

Learn how to play along to popular songs

Certificate of Completion

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Once you have completed our Drumming for Kids course, you will be ready to tackle our Drums Level 1 course and beyond. Please feel free to discuss with your teacher if interested.

“A good musician never stops learning, no matter what age he or she is.”

All the best

Rod Pilois

Music Educator/Manager – Beat Factor Music