2019 Term 4 Dates:

Monday 7th October to Friday 13th December

BF Music Concert – Saturday 14 December – 2 pm

Mondays: Individual/Paired lessons

Wednesdays: Individual/Paired Lessons

Fridays: Call for time

Please contact us for a Day and times that suits you for lessons.

Mobile: 0411 028 077 – Email:

Beginners: Learn to play along to songs in 5 to 8 easy lessons.

Intermediate: Learn to improve on your timing and listening skills.


Lessons are on Week nights, Daytime Wednesdays and Fridays & Saturday mornings

We offer instruction in Acoustic and Electric guitar.

Guitar as a Rhythm Section

Guitar as a lead instrument

Basic to Advanced Open chords

Power chords for easy rock songs

Full Barre chords for Advanced Players

Students learn:

Technical skills-Scales/modes

Music reading

Guitar Tabs

Rock Guitar

Guitar Riffs


Building chords

Blues & Jazz Guitar

Reggae & Ska Guitar

Country Guitar

Plucking Style

Strumming Rhythms

Effects for electric guitar

Improvisational Skills


Constructing Walking bass lines

Constructing Solos and musical ideas


Our annual student concert in December is a great way for students to invite family and friends to witness all their hard work during the year and perform as a soloist or part of a group with other students.

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