Private Lessons

Since 2005, Beat Factor Music has provided private Bass and Guitar tuition to residents in the Wyndham and Hobsons Bay area in Melbourne. Lessons are available in all styles and techniques and open to students of all ages and skill levels. Our private lessons are conducted from Monday to Friday in Beatfactor’s well equipped teaching studios (Seabrook area). Whether learning an instrument is your passion, career, therapy or just your favourite hobby, we can help you take your playing to the next stage.

2020 Term 3 Dates:

Monday 13 July to Friday 18 September

Good news, our face to face lessons in Drum-kit, bass and guitar resume for one on one private 30 – 60 minute sessions.


BOOKINGS: 0411 028 077


March- June: Due to the impact and disruption of the COVID-19 crisis to our society.

We will be conducting all lessons for Term 2, On-Line through Zoom, Skype or Facebook.

New Courses for 2020. Guitar for Kids & Blues Guitar for Kids. 

Beginners: Learn to play along to songs in 5 to 8 easy lessons.

Intermediate: Learn to improve on your timing and listening skills.

BF Music 10th Anniversary Concert

Saturday 5 or Sunday 6 December – TBC

Mondays: Individual/Paired lessons

Tuesdays: Individual/Paired lessons

Wednesdays: Individual/Paired Lessons

Thursdays: Individual/Paired lessons

Fridays: Call for time

Please contact us for a Day and times that suits you for lessons.

Mobile: 0411 028 077 –



Lessons are from afternoons to week nights, Mondays to Thursdays. Fridays Call for time.

We offer instruction in Acoustic and Electric guitar.

Guitar as a Rhythm Section

Guitar as a lead instrument

Basic to Advanced Open chords

Power chords for easy rock songs

Full Barre chords for Advanced Players

Students learn:

Technical skills-Scales/modes

Music reading

Guitar Tabs

Rock Guitar

Guitar Riffs


Building chords

Blues & Jazz Guitar

Reggae & Ska Guitar

Country Guitar

Plucking Style

Strumming Rhythms

Effects for electric guitar

Improvisational Skills


Constructing Walking bass lines

Constructing Solos and musical ideas


Our annual student concert in December is a great way for students to invite family and friends to witness all their hard work during the year and perform as a soloist or part of a group with other students.

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Music Lessons in Drums, Bass & Guitar. 'Move to the Beat'