September Thoughts:

“Don’t take things for granted”

It’s funny sometimes we take things for granted, for example our friends, family, loved ones or even our health. Having a very busy lifestyle we tend to forget how important these things are to us and how it helps to keep us going when things get tough.

Having recently gone to hospital and having surgery the day before we were all packed to travel overseas to Vietnam over the school holidays, was a big wake up call. Things can change at any moment, you never know what’s around the corner. But in hindsight, it was just as well that the pain and surgery happened in Australia before traveling overseas. Overseas can wait for another time, looking after one self is an ongoing job.

August Thoughts:

The 3 ‘P’s ‘

Patience – Practice – Persistence

Three essential things that every student and musician needs to remember in order to do well and succeed in music. I still apply those three principles when things gets tough for me in my music practice, projects and planning. It helps to keep me going with my aim/goal no matter what distraction comes my way.

I hope it helps others to have a more positive outlook in whatever they are doing in life and don’t give up.

“Rod is a good teacher. I have lots of fun.” (Peter – Student)

“Rod does a fantastic job at focusing my son. He is always accommodating and my son always comes out with a smile and a new enthusiasm for playing drums.

The end of year concert is also a bonus for both the kids and parents, it showcases their work, is all inclusive and very family orientated. What more could you want?” (Irene – Parent)

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