GROUP LESSON (60 -75 minutes)

Group Lesson requires minimum of 3 students

• $15 per person for under the Age of 18

• $20 per person for over the Age of 18

($25 per person casual rates or one off)

HALF-DAY WORKSHOPS – Comprehensive Half day or Full Day Training in Drum-kit, Djembe, Congas, Surdo, Rhythm Coaching, Guitar, Bass and all SPECIAL PROGRAMS mentioned in Our Course

Please contact your teacher for fees, times and course contents.

BF Music Rules and Regulations

1.Enrollment Policy:

All lessons MUST be paid within the current Term period. Either on a casual rate basis or on our discounted Term payments.

Terms would be generally 8 weeks long with some Terms being longer or shorter.

Full Term payments would be required preferably or two installments during the Term. That way the teacher can plan a whole Term of classes or course work for participants.

Our Payment options

• Direct Deposit

• Electronic Funds Transfer

• Cash Payments

• Flexible payment arrangements available.

2.Community Drum Group Lessons

There are no refunds or make up lessons for missing Group Lessons or Workshops held at Beatfactor Music Studio, Saltwater Community Centre, Saltwater Reserve or Point Cook Community Centre. The teacher has scheduled the class and has to pay a community room hire fee, regardless if whether 3 or 10 students show up for the lesson. Two weeks notice is required to cancel a room booking without charge to the teacher.

Certain exceptions can be considered.

3.Late Arrivals

Students arriving late will not have their lesson time extended unless there is ability and a valid reason for doing so. This backs up the entire schedule and presents scheduling problems for everyone concerned. Certain exceptions considered.

4.Cancellations and No-Shows – Private & Group Lessons

Where at least 24-hours notice of the intended absence is given, this is deemed an ‘explained absence’.

Any cancellation or missed lesson without 24 hours’ notice is considered a ‘no show’.

Failure to show up for lessons creates a loss of income for the teacher who has set aside that lesson time for the student in good faith. This means that if you do not contact the teacher with a reasonable explanation prior to your appointed lesson time (‘explained absence’), this is considered a no-show. As a consequence, there will be no refund, make-up lesson or credit and the lesson will be considered forfeited.

If a student is unable to attend a lesson please let BFMA know at the earliest time possible, either by email phone or text at 0411 028 077

5.Explained absence and Make-up lessons

Where an explain absence is accepted by the teacher, a make-up lesson will be offered or a credit.

If the teacher fails to show up for a lesson or cancels for any reason, a makeup lesson will be scheduled during the same Term or during the first week of Term break.

Make-up Lessons

Make-up lessons are offered in the same term as the missed lesson. Students should schedule a makeup lesson within two weeks at the teacher’s convenience. Please note that cancelling on the day of your lesson does not qualify for a make-up lesson.

Make-up lessons must be taken in the same session of lessons paid or accounted for in which that the lesson was cancelled.

External Performance of Content

Without the written consent of a Beat Factor Music staff, students or anyone else is not permitted to perform or display any of the lessons taught in class in a public platform, online media inclusive (YouTube, Facebook etc.). Any breaches of these terms and condition will be dealt with serious actions.

Teaching and Sharing Beat Factor Music content

Without the consent of Beat Factor Music, any sharing of the Beat Factor Music lessons and teaching to a third party is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Any unpermitted recording or taping of Beat Factor Music classes is PROHIBITED. Any breaches of these terms and condition will be dealt with serious actions.

February 2021.

Music Lessons in Drums, Bass & Guitar. 'Move to the Beat'