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Rhythms For Ensembles

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The Rhythms for Ensembles book contains the necessary information for starting and developing a percussion ensemble and includes the break up of the score into smaller sections for study and performance.

The supplemented audio CD and DVD video includes all the instrumental parts and sections found in the book at all three levels that can be accessed by students, allowing them to learn the parts either aurally or visually.

Combining traditional western rhythms with world music influences. Ideal for Primary and Secondary School Percussion Ensembles.

Featuring the self-composed piece ‘ latin March’

A combination of marching patterns for the snare drum and Samba rhythms for Latin percussion instruments.

Marching Snare drum patterns
Brazilian Surdo Drum patterns










This volume contains 3 complete performance scores for Percussion Ensembles. The 3 scores are graded to their level of difficulty, Level One (beginners), Level two (intermediate) and Level three (advanced)

Snare_sticks up
Cross Sticking Patterns
surdo Beater_2
Surdo Hand Rhythms


Agogo bell


The book also contains:

  1. Techniques required for the instruments
  2. Images and text on each instrument
  3. A history component of each instrument
  4. A question and answer quiz for students
  5. Music notation of each part
  6. Rhythm box grid of each part
  7. Teacher’s tips
  8. Alternate instrumentation


Cost $ 50.00- E-book


1.All three volumes in one book.

2.Audio CD

3.DVD video

(separate volumes available for $20.00 each)

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