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What and How to PRACTICE MUSIC

  • It depends what you want to achieve.
  • What areas interest you?
  • What you need to improve and move forward.
  • Look at it as Time spent doing something that you love
  • (playing drums, singing, guitar, and keyboard….)
  • Try To’s;
  • Practice Everyday-to improve and move forward.
  • -Whether it is for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, it’s up to you
  • -Once you stop or take a break for a few days or weeks, it is harder to get back into it.
  • -You have to start from Step 1 again, Going over old and past work.
  • -It may take you more time to get back to scratch, where you left off last.
    Guitar Lessons
  • -Know what it is you want to practice, e.g chords, single notes, riffs, music reading/Tabs, scales, drum rudiments, beats, fills, playing along to songs, drum chart, drum styles, timing, counting aloud, co-ordination, creative work….
  • -Don’t practice one thing then another thing the next day.
  • -Have your work set out for practice (on music stand, or on the drum kit)
  • that way when you come back to the kit the next day you are ready to go. Keep a spare copy of your work for practice, in case you loose the original.
  • -Keep practicing on the same thing e.g (Hand technique, foot Technique, beats, fills, co-ordination, other styles of drumming….)
  • -Practice it so it starts to become natural and flowing in your playing.


-It’s not a race-Don’t be in a hurry

-It’s not a contest

-There is no way to shortcut the process

-Start an idea, explore it.

-Create sounds and play freely and your body will respond

-Play it on drums/guitar/bass/keyboards/vocals

Rod Pilois – Music Educator – Beatfactor Music Academy

copyright 2017 – All rights Reserved – Beatfactor Music.


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