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Point Cook Drum Circle Class Sessions

Presented by Beat Factor Music

Join us for our weekly Drum Circle class sessions at Saltwater Community Centre, Point Cook.

2023 Sessions: Feb 2 to 23

We provide all drums, bells, Shakers, Djembes, Darbukas, Caxixis, Surdos and Dun Duns or feel free to bring your own drum.

Our experience teacher is fully qualified and has the ability to teach diverse levels, from beginners to experienced drummers.

Whether you’re comfortable playing simple parts or to try out our more advanced and complex parts, we cater for you, so you can join in the class.

Drum Session
Drum Circle Class Session

The class has a supportive and friendly atmosphere for anyone with all abilities who wants to drum, groove out on Afro, middle-eastern and Samba rhythms and feel great.

All are welcome.

Please note a minimum of 5 people required to run the classes. Places limited to 15-20 participants.

For bookings of 4 week sessions and registration Please click on Eventbrite link.

or for casual class sessions, please contact us below.

  • WHEN: From Thursdays 2 February 2023
  • WHERE: Saltwater Community Centre, Point Cook
  • TIME: 7.30pm to 8.30pm
  • COST: $100 for 4 weeks or $30 per casual session.
  • DISCOUNTS: For families, please contact us.

MOBILE: +61 (0)411 028 077


Upcoming Performances



Soho Village Pop Up Park


Point Cook Pop Up Park


Altona Meadows Skate Park


Roving at Point Cook Town Centre


Holi Day Celebrations Event

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African & Samba Beats Live performance & Workshops. Presented by Beat Factor 

The Beat Factor Drum Group will be performing their own brand of African and Samba Beats at the following dates:

Come down, have some fun and be part of this free community event.

Enjoy the sound of the African Drums and the infectious rhythms of the Samba beats.




2.00PM TO 3.30PM

Come down and listen to The Beat Factor Drum Group perform from African rhythms, Samba Reggae to Samba rhythms of Rio de Janeiro. Our new beginners class featuring adults and teens will also be performing for the first time. So come down and join in the fun.


SEPTEMBER 8: 10.00AM TO 11.30AM


Sausage Sizzle and other activities such as yoga, games & counsellors.

Beat Factor Drum Group performing African and Brazilian drumming for the event for the community.

2022 Flyer – RUOK Day – Laverton Community Hub


TIME: (TBC) Bruce Comben Reserve, Altona Meadows

Beat Factor Drum Group performing on stage with their brand of Brazilian drumming for the event for the community.


with Rod from Beat Factor

7.30PM TO 8.30PM



For more photos go to our ‘Events Page’

AUGUST 6: 11.00AM TO 12.30PM



Beat Factor Duo performing Brazilian drumming and making a bit of a noise roving around the shops of Seabrook to launch the opening of the Art  work.


Beat Factor Duo: Rod & Richard

AUGUST 6 – The Lomond Hotel, Brunswick Johnny Longshot- 9.00pm to 11.30pm

Rod from Beat Factor  will be performing some great Jamaican Ska music with Melbourne’s 6 piece Ska band, Johnny Longshot at Melbourne’s famous Live music venue. $10 entry


MAY 21 – The Lomond Hotel, Brunswick Johnny Longshot- 9.00pm to 11.30pm

May 21- Rod from Beat Factor Drum Group will be performing with Melbourne’s 6 piece Ska band, Johnny Longshot on Saturday May 21 at Melbourne’s famous Live music venue, The Lomond Hotel in Brunswick. Come down and skank away the night with us. Door charge $10


MAY 27 – Altona Meadows Library Event Launch-Performance- 3.30pm to 4.30pm

Friday May 27 from 3.30 pm to 4.30pm. The Beat Factor Drum Group will be part of a special launch presented by Hobsons Bay City Council at the Altona Meadows Library. Guest speakers and lots of fun for the family, with refreshments, face paining and African and Brazilian drumming performance from us as usual.

MAY 29 –MulticulturalEvent Festival

Point Cook Town Centre-6.00 pm to 6.30pm

May 29-from 6.00pm to 6.30pm, followed by Fireworks in the evening. The Beat Factor Drum Group have been invited to be part of this special combined event presented by Wyndham City Council at the Point Cook Town Centre. Lots of food, rides and fun for the family, live music and African and Brazilian drumming performance from us as usual.


Point Cook Pop Up Park, Sat 12 Feb and 12 March, from 3.00pm to 4.30pm. Point Cook Town Centre, Murnong St, Point Cook.

Soho Village Pop Up Park, 26 Feb and 26 March, from 3.00pm to 4.30pm, Adelphi Blvd, Point Cook

Our community drumming group are always looking for new participants to join our weekly classes in Point Cook. If interested, Email:

Roddi- Solo instrumentalist playing cool tunes in Latin-Jazz, Reggae, Pop and originals.

Soho Village Pop Up Park, Friday 18 Feb and 11 March, from 5.00pm to 6.30pm, Adelphi Blvd, Point Cook. A great way to chill out on a Friday afternoon and enjoy a drink at Hopheads.

Contact us for more details:


Mobile: 0411 028 077

Thank you to CoLocal and Saltwater Community Centre for their ongoing support.

healthy living

Beat Factor Drum Group in the Studio.

Photo courtesy of Angus Smith.

Our adult students and community drum classes is featured in a special article in the Westside Living Magazine, by Provincial Media.. The main story was written by journalist Carol Saffer and photos by Angus Smith.

Please click on the link below for the full story on page 36.


So honored and humble to be part of this article. I felt like a Rock star as did my students, it was fun. Enjoy the article, where you can hear from the students themselves on the classes. Lots of other stories as well in the magazine.

Always looking for more participants to join our community drumming classes in Point Cook. Classes run weekly on Tuesdays in Point Cook.

Beginners classes 6.30 pm- Intermediate classes from 7.15pm.

No experience required, just a willing to have fun and beat the drum.

Contact: Rod Pilois- Ensemble Director

Mobile: 0411 028 077




african beats live

African Beats live performance presented by Wyndham’s own Beat Factor Drum Group.

The Beat Factor Drum Group and its students will be performing their own brand of African Beats at the Williams Landing Pop Up Park, 16th April (5.00-6.30pm), Overton St, Williams Landing.

And at the Point Cook Pop UP Park on April 17th
(3-4.30pm), Murnong St, Point Cook Town Centre.

This is a FREE event for all ages.

Come down and enjoy the rhythms of the Djembe drums and the big Dun Dun African Drums.

Join in the fun and maybe have a play with the group if you are keen.

Thank you to CoLocal and Saltwater Community Centre for their ongoing support.

Weekly classes in African & Brazilian Beats starting from 27 April at Saltwater Community Centre, 7.00 – 8.30pm

For bookings and enquiries call 0411 028 077

or Email:

AFRICAN BEATS Performances

Friday 16th April- Williams Landing Pop Up Park, 100 Overton Rd, Williams Landing


Saturday 17th April- Point Cook Pop Up Park- Murnong st, Point Cook

(3.00pm -4.30pm)

The Beat Factor Drum Group and its students will be performing their brand of African Beats at the Pop UP Park in Point Cook in March

This is a Free event and suitable for all ages.

Come down to the Community Pop Up Parks and enjoy the rhythms of the Djembe drums and the big Dun Dun African drums.

Thanks to CoLocal and Saltwater Community Centre for their on going support.

The Beat Factor Drum Group runs its ‘African Beats’ classes every Tuesday at the Saltwater Community Centre, 7pm to 8.30pm

For enquiries or Bookings:
Mobile: 0411 028 077 

Wyndham Learning Festival, African & Samba Beats-2 Sept-Now On line


2 September, 7.00pm-8.00pm on Zoom.

Connect with your community for your wellbeing and have fun.


Join us for this Free On-line Community Drum class, as part of the Wyndham Learning Festival.

No Drums-no problem, participants can try out their rhythmic skills on tables, chairs, buckets, pots and pans, utensils, pencils & pens, rulers, body percussion and anything that they can use around the house as a drum.

BYO drums: Djembe, congas, bongos, snare drum, any hand or stick drum, hand percussion, or any other creative percussive instrument to the session, all welcome.

This class is designed for beginners through to those who have some experience in drumming. No musical ability is required.

Participants will learn African to Rock- Hip-Hop rhythms, warm up exercises, set rhythmic parts, sound textures and creativity through drumming.

The drumming class is uplifting & engaging

Bookings required:

This event is being presented by Beat Factor Music with the support of the Wyndham Learning Festival.

Registrations on Eventbrite

or through Wyndham Learning Festival Facebook page

Please contact us if this is of interest to you and we would be happy to guide you through and make some interesting percussive sounds together.

For more information on the Free drum class

Please email or

Contact Rod- Ensemble Director, Drum Educator,

Mobile: 0411 028 077


‘Happy Drumming’

Rod Pilois_ Ensemble Director

If you need more drumming in your life

Our regular face to face classes are held on 


TIME:  Beginners Class: 6.30pm to 7.15pm

Intermediate/Advanced Class: 7.30 to 8.30pm

WHERE:Saltwater Community Centre, Saltwater Promenade, Point Cook/CURRENTLY ON-LINE

For Expression of interest and booking,




BYO: Drums & Percussion (if preferred)

Mobile: 0411 028 077






WHEN: Saturday 16th Jan – 2.00pm to 3.00pm

WHERE: Saltwater Reserve, Saltwater Promenade, Point Cook

BYO: Drums, Percussion, Sticks, Straps, Seat & Water

DRUM HIRE: $5-$10 Per Drum

Please note, due to COVID, registration is required via Email below

Mobile: 0411 028 077

Once registered, we will send out meeting location of the Drum Jam and any other important details of the event.

Please join us for a fun and musical afternoon.

About the Free Class:

The drumming class is uplifting, engaging and fun.

Participants will learn African rhythms, technique, warm up exercises and creativity through rhythm.

Experienced players and those with no experience are all welcome. BYO: Djembe, congas, bongos, darbuka, etc…

 If you don’t have a drum, use a bucket, chair, box or simply tap on your legs.

Connect with your community for your wellbeing and have fun.

Social distancing required – Hand Sanitizers provided

Supported & Permission granted by Wyndham City Council.

‘Happy Drumming’

Rod Pilois

Ensemble Director

Beat Factor Drum Group

Please note:

Beat Factor Music reserve the right to cancel the event:

  1. If not sufficient participants are registered prior to the event
  2. In case of bad or severe weather warnings
  3. New Health and Safety concerns according to the Health authorities
  4. That it is unsafe to go ahead with the outdoor event


Review of Roland TD-1DMK

I wanted to purchase an affordable electronic drum kit for my drum classes at the school I teach in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. After some research and reviews I ordered the Roland TD-1DMK.

It ticked lots of boxes:

  • It was within my music budget. ($999.00- AUD)
  • All mesh pads
  • Compact size and sturdy
  • Rubber Kick pad included
  • Lots of drum-kit sounds to choose from to inspire students
  • Backing Tracks (15) for students to play along
  • Metronome function to help keep time
  • Coach function (10) to develop timing skills
  • Adjustable heights for Teenagers and Adult use
  • Easy to use drum module

For more detail on the review, please click here to read the full set-up stages and Pro’s and Con’s on the Roland TD-1DmKV.

First Impression- unboxing:

The unit comes in a compact box and but a little heavy, so two people may be required to safely lift it or using a trolley to move it to the set up area would be wise.

All the items such as tubular steel frames, drum pads, cymbal pads and electronic devices are securely well packed and can be taken out of the box easily.

Pro’s & Con’s

You may skip the Setting-up steps below if you are comfortable doing it yourself by following the manual (trial and error). And go to the end for the Pro’s and Con’s of the TD-1DMK

Setting up:

First Step:

Begin by removing the main components of the kit one by one, e.g tubular steel frames and placing together on one side on the floor.

Do not remove from wrapping just yet.

Continue to remove other items from the main box, such as, drum pads and place in one spot, then the cymbals and last the electronic devices and place in a safe spot. But do not remove their packaging until you are ready to place them on the frame.

Second Step:

Start by unwrapping the tubular steel frame and lay it flat on the floor together. Follow the instructions in the manual to help you connect the frames together. This is the main frame that will hold all the other drum, cymbal pads and other accessories together. You may need another person to help you do this.

Third Step:

Once you have assembled the frame and it is upright, you need to move the clamps where you would like to position your drums and cymbal pads. Next fit the tom pads and snare pad holders into the clamps. Make sure you attach the bass drum pad and plate to the frame before moving it upright.

Fourth Step:

Insert the cymbal stands/arms to the clamps and move the clamps if required to get a better playing position. Unpack the cymbal pads and place them on the appropriate stands, e.g Hi-hat, crash or ride cymbal stand.

Fifth Step:

Attach the main controller to the left side of the frame. Then plug in all the cables to the controller and connect to appropriate drum and cymbal pads and pedals.  Last, connect the power cable to the controller (brain) and connect to power outlet.

Sixth Step:

If all has been properly connected, switch the controller on and it lights up ready for you to try it out. You may use a headphone to hear the drum sounds or you may hook an external speaker so everyone can hear the drum sounds.

  • PRO’S
  • The frame feels sturdy and strong for an entry level drum kit.
  • The controller/module is basic but simple to use
  • The mesh pads feels good to play on
  • Tunable drum pads
  • Choice of 15 drum-kits
  • Good sound from the kits, Rock, Pop, Jazz styles
  • Metronome function to help in timing
  • Coaching feature to test you timing skills
  • Backing tracks to songs for playing along
  • Various songs in Rock, Funk, Country, Jazz styles
  • Aux input for iPhone playback
  • USB output to trigger drums from music software
  • CON’S
  • Drum pads seems a bit small
  • No dual trigger on pads
  • Cymbal pads feels a little hard at times
  • Rubber Bass drum pad feels hard when playing. (noisy thud sound)
  • No bass drum pedal supplied (bass drum review coming soon)
  • No drum stool/sticks or headphone supplied (drum stool review coming soon)
  • No separate volume adjustments for backing track songs
  • Same input for headphone and external speaker

Above all a great little electronic drum kit for individual practice, band rehearsals and stage performance. You get a good V-drum set up made by Roland, which have V-drums to cater for all needs from hobbyist, students to full on professional drummers.

This the link of a good video tutorial I went through with my students, to help them listen, watch and follow instructions on setting up the TD-1DMK, each step of the way.

Thanks to my Year 8’ and two Year 7’s drum students who were keen to help me set-up the whole kit on the day.

Great job boys and girls.

Rod Pilois

Music Educator

Beat Factor Music

All rights reserved: Beat Factor Music 2020

2022 Music Classes



Beat Factor Music have implemented extra health precautions and changes. We ask all students and parents to follow these new & important COVID-19 procedures.

  • COVID-19 vaccination required
  • QR code check-in-service
  • Proof of fully vaccinated certificate required

 For a complete guide to our student policy, please visit the link:

COVID-19 Conditions & Lesson Policy

2022 Term 2 Dates: (APRIL- JUNE)

TUESDAY  26 APRIL to Friday 24 JUNE


BOOKINGS: 0411 028 077


A New Year brings a new beginning and we hope that 2022 brings hope, new challenges and happiness to all.

We are offering some new specialized music classes for 2022 along with our regular popular ones.

Individual Classes in Drum-kit, Bass & Guitar, resumes from  Tuesday 26 April, 2022- 3.30pm  to 7.30pm. Mondays to Wednesdays.

Beginners: Learn to play along to songs in 4 to 8 easy lessons. All ages

BASIC PACKAGE 1: $140/4 Weeks

(1-30  minutes First lesson, followed by 3 x 30 min lessons)

BASIC PACKAGE 2: $290/8 Weeks

(1-45  minutes First lesson, followed by 7 x 30 min lessons)

Intermediates: Learn to improve on your timing,  listening skills, theory and more challenging   songs. All ages


(1-45  minutes First lesson, followed by 3-x 45 min lessons)

Advanced: Learn to play various music styles, such as, Rock, latin, Jazz & Reggae. Work as part of a band and options for recording projects.


(1-60  minutes First lesson, followed by 3×60 min lessons)


Group Classes in African & Brazilian Drumming resumes from MAY 2ND-2022, on TUESDAYS.


Call for start date & times for Beginners and Intermediate Group Classes.

Saltwater Community Centre & Woods St Art Space.



  •  Music Theory for guitar, bass and keyboard- Term 3
  • Music composition using music software and digital tools-Term 3
  • Music Production classes from beginners to advance level

Our Popular classes in Drum-kit, Percussion, Bass guitar , Acoustic & Electric guitar will continue as usual in 2022. Term 2 Classes resume From Tuesday 26 April 2022.

Our classes will run from Mondays to Wednesdays from 3.30pm to 7.30pm.

To register your interest and for bookings please contact us below
Mobile: 0411 028 077



free online Drumming for all ages

Monday 30 November- 7.00 pm to 8.00pm On Zoom

As part of the Wyndham Learning Festival-23-30 November 2020

Beat Factor Music is proud to be involved again this year in the Festival, with over 140 online events.activities in the Wyndham area.

The drumming class is uplifting, engaging and fun.

Participants will learn African rhythms, technique, warm up exercises and creativity through rhythm.

Experienced players and those with no experience are all welcome. BYO: Djembe, congas, bongos, darbuka.

FAQ: What if I don’t have a drum?

If you don’t have a drum, use a bucket, chair, box or simply tap on your legs.

FAQ: I already know how to play and want to learn more?

We have our normal beginners classes running on Monday 7 & 14 December, from 7-8pm. Intermediate classes running on Tuesdays 8 & 15 December, from 7.30-8.30pm

Connect with your community for your wellbeing, stress relief and have fun.

Bookings Required on Eventbrite, link below.

For Enquiries please contact us on:

Mobile: 0411 028 077

Drumming For All Ages