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“Making Music Learning Fun, Challenging & Rewarding”

2021 Term Dates: (Feb -Mar)

Monday 1 February to Wednesday 31 March

Term 2 Dates: (APRIL- JUNE)

Monday 19 April to Friday 25 June

Term 3 Dates: (JULY- SEPT)

Monday 12 July to Friday 17 September

Unfortunately, due to the current lockdown restrictions in Metropolitan Melbourne, the classes are on hold for face to face. On-line zoom classes available for those interested while the lockdown is in place. Please contact us if this is of interest to you.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you at our next class in the future!

Stay Safe!

Term 4 Dates: (OCT- DEC)

Monday 4 October to Friday 10 December

Due to COVID restrictions, Our face to face lessons will shift to online from Monday 9 August for one on one private 30 – 60 minute sessions.

Call to book a day and time.


BOOKINGS: 0411 028 077

COVID-19 Safety Procedures.

Face mask to be worn by teacher and students/parents.

Hand sanitisers will be supplied on entry to the studio.

Equipment will be cleaned with cleaning wipes before use.

Social distancing of 1.5M will be kept between teacher and student.

QR code registration upon entry t studio.

Student record keeping of attendances to classes.


Mobile: 0411 028 077

GUITAR FOR KIDS: Age 5 – 14 Years

You will learn cool guitar riffs and chords from classic rock songs from Metallica, Guns N Roses, Nirvana and others.

You will learn basic skills to get you started such as how to hold the guitar, tune the guitar, hand technique and learn about all the parts that make a guitar.

The best way to get better on the guitar is to play along to songs. You will learn how to jam along to songs, just like being in a band and learn some cool rhythms and solos.


How to hold the guitar

Right hand, left hand technique

Tuning the guitar

Music Notation

Guitar Tablature

Basic rhythms

Notes on all strings

Power Chords


Palm Muting

Blues Progression

Lead guitar


Play along to songs

Certificate of completion

Teenage Student

Once you have completed our Guitar for Kids course, you will be ready to tackle our other Guitar Level courses and beyond. Please feel free to discuss this with your teacher if interested.

“A good musician never stops learning, no matter what age he or she is.”

All the best

Rod Pilois

Music Educator/Manager – Beat Factor Music

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“Making Music Learning Fun, Challenging & Rewarding”


Mobile: 0411 028 077

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