Lesson Policy & COVID-19 Conditions



OPENING HOURS: Beat Factor Music Academy is open from Monday to Thursday from 3.30 pm -7.30pm. Other times may be negotiated with us if required. We are open throughout the school term and have concerts at end of each Semester, when applicable.

CONTACT: We contact & inform of important updates and send music work predominantly via email. Please make sure our emails are not going to spam or junk mail by marking them as a a trusted source.


For general enquiries, issues, cancellations are best sent to info@beatfactormusic.com or beatfactor@internode.on.net
If you would like to call please ring 0411 028 077. If we cannot answer the phone. PLEASE leave a message and we will call you back when we can.

Billing & Payment:

Beat Factor Music will issue invoices at the start of every month or term. The invoice will detail all scheduled lessons for that period as well as showing any outstanding balances, if any.

All invoices are to be paid in full within 7 days after invoice has been generated and distributed.
Where an invoice is not paid, a reminder note will be sent to the family, requesting that the invoice be paid immediately.

If, after receiving the reminder note, the invoice is still not paid by the requested date, then lessons for that student will be suspended immediately and Beat Factor Music may pass the outstanding balance onto a debt collection service.

First initial lesson is to be paid by cash on the day. After which an invoice will be sent out for either monthly or Term payments. Payments may be made either by funds transfer or cash. We do not have a credit card payment or direct debit facility at this stage.



We do accept gift vouchers prepared by Beat Factor Music. Vouchers can be used for one lesson or a series of individual or group lessons.


We offer a discount for paired lessons with siblings, friends and parents attending lessons together. We offer weekly lesson discounts and for students taking more than one lesson per week.


Some instruments are available for hire, such as acoustic or electric guitar, snare drum, sticks etc… Please enquire through Beat Factor Music regarding availability and rates.

Sheet Music- is purchased by the Music Studio for the students benefit, (at no extra charge), so please download or take care of the copies given. Specially prepared sheet music by Beat Factor Music are also not charged to the student. Some of these may incur a small fee if too much time is taken to prepare them for students. Students will be advised of the fee and if they wish Beat Factor Music to prepare them individually.

Backing Tracks-These tracks are purchased by the Music Studio to use in class for the students. Most of the times the backing tracks will be sent to students for download and practice at home. Students should not assume that all backing tracks would be available for free, some fees may incur to purchase them for home practice, as well as specially prepared and arranged backing tracks by Beat Factor Music.

Concert fees- A fee will be required for guests of performing students. Cost depends on venue. Students have free entry.

HOLIDAYS AND GIVING NOTICE: We are open all year during the school calendar terms. We close during the school holiday period and public holidays, unless there is catch up lessons to be made up.
If you are planning to be away for a long time due to holidays or other reasons, please let us know the dates you intend to be away.

LESSON TIMES & PUNCTUALITY: Beat Factor Music would like students to arrive no later than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled lesson time. Most lessons are scheduled consecutively, finishing times due to lateness to lessons may not be extended. We would also appreciate any questions you have be asked during the lesson time, as any extra time given causes disruption to the next class start time.

LESSON SCHEDULING: Scheduling is established with mutual agreement with the teacher and student/parent, subject to availability of preferred days and times. If a change of lesson time is required during the Semester, Beat Factor Music will arrange the change according to availabilities.

CANCELLATIONS: All lessons need to be cancelled via email, text or mobile call. Please let us know the reason you are cancelling.
For the lesson fee to be credited, all cancellations need to be made 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. Lessons cancelled less than 24 hours will be charged to the student.

We do offer zoom lessons, if you need to change face to face lesson to zoom, please contact us at info@beatfactormusic.com at least 24 hours before your schedule lesson in order to schedule and prepare for the zoom lesson.

• If for any reason the teacher is unable to attend their students lesson, a catch- up lesson will be scheduled at an agreed time or credit applied for the lesson in the following term.

MAKE UP LESSONS: Lesson credits are valid for 60 days. You can hold 2 make-up lesson at a time. Any credits not used within 60 days will be forfeited.

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS: No regular lessons held and no fee. Some make-up lessons may be held on those days if any other times not available.



DISCONTINUED LESSONS: If you wish to discontinue lesson, an email or letter is needed two weeks before the discontinued date. This can be sent to PO BOX 1085, ALTONA MEADOWS OR emailed to info@beatfactormusic.com

EXPECTATIONS FOR PRACTICE AND LESSON PREPARATION: Weekly attendance is the key to progress and for learning new skills and repertoire. It’s the continued focus, commitment, discipline and practice that improves any skill.

Students should bring a bottle of water, music folder and instrument if applicable to their lesson. This will help the teacher to monitor any homework given and help the student focus on their progress, making each weekly lesson advance smoothly.

EXPECTATIONS OF PARENT INVOLVEMENT: Parents are a very important part of any child’s development. We encourage parents to become as involved as they can in their child’s musical future.
Parents are encouraged to attend their child’s initial lesson to find out how they can help their child’s progress regarding practice and lesson preparation.

At times students work better when parents are not in the room during the lesson. They are more relaxed and less pressured to perform in front of the parents. Parent are most welcome to stay in the room while the lesson is on as usual.

We do have a small waiting area, with reading materials just outside the music room, if parents wish to wait there, whilst the students are having their lessons, or in their car as some parent do already.

STUDENT PICK-UP: Students are to be picked up immediately after their lesson. If a student is required to be at the Music Studio for more than 30 minutes either side of the lesson, please notify us by text or mobile call.



MISBEHAVIOUR: All matters of misbehaviour will be handle at the discretion of the teacher. Should problems continue, the parent/guardian will be contacted. The teacher and parent/guardian will then work together to solve the problem. We encourage teacher and parents to have open communication.


Teacher and student should work together to find the perfect song is encouraged. If there are particular skills to be learnt or are too difficult for the student at the time, the teacher will have the final say on song choice.

CONCERRTS: Students will be given the option of performing at Beat Factor Music events. While these events are not compulsory, we ask parents encourage their child to take part or support others that take part. Performing is an invaluable experience, particular for beginners.

This has been cancelled since COVID, but we plan to start again in 2023 if enough interest from students and parents.

PARKING: On street parking is available outside the Music studio and surrounding area. Safety- cars are not permitted to park in the front driveway spot unless it is for ‘drop-off’ and ‘pick-up’ only.

Many Thanks

Rod Pilois- Music Educator/Performer
(M.Mus, B.Mus, Grad Dip Ed, Cert IV Training & Assessment) Beat Factor Music Academy
Mobile: 0411 028 077
PO BOX 1085 Altona Meadows, 3028, Victoria Melbourne.

‘Making music learning fun. challenging and rewarding’

Students are required to maintain a Music Practice Diary throughout the year.


Students may wish to learn classical or contemporary guitar or bass. Any type of guitar will be fine to learn on, whether it be steel string, classical or electric. If you are considering purchasing however, we recommend starting off with a nylon/classical guitar. Intermediate students can choose steel string or electric guitar.

If you are wishing to learn bass guitar, you will need a short scale electric instrument for smaller bodies, amplifier and cable. All guitar students should also have their own accessories such as guitar bag or case, spare strings and tuner.

Guitar packs range in price but you can visit a reputable music store,

such as The Music Shop, 2/281 Foleys Rd, Deer Park, (03) 9363 5999 or GH Music at 100 Mt. Alexander Road, Flemington, (03) 9372 6664 and discuss your options with the sales staff.


Students will need:

• 1x pair of sticks (5A is a good starting point or 7A for lighter sticks)

• 1x stick bag, rubber practice pad & Metronome & Plastic folder to store drum work

• Contact The Music Shop, 2/281 Foleys Rd, Deer Park, (03) 9363 5999 or Drumtek for equipment or drum kits – 529 – 535 High Street,
Northcote, VIC, 3070, (03) 9482 5550

Expectations of Beat Factor Music Academy:

1. Fully qualified Teachers and professional performers that hold valid Working With Children (WWC) checks.

2. Teachers will provide their students and parents with regular feedback on their progress and guidance via Music Practice Diaries and personal contact when necessary.

3. Beat Factor Music will provide the opportunity for students to participate in ensembles, concerts and performances when their skills reach a certain level.

4. Students may have the opportunity to enroll in external music examinations. The teacher will clearly outline expectations and requirements of both the student and parents in regard to the examination process.

5. In the event of teacher illness, lessons will be made up at the end of the Term or conducted at a convenient time for both teacher and students.

6. Teachers at Beat Factor Music are regular professional performers. Should any of their performances coincide with the school term, lessons will be made up or a replacement teacher will fill in.

Students will be required to:

1. Practice regularly – a minimum of five days a week. For beginners 10-15 minutes each time. (regular short sessions are more effective than less frequent longer sessions).

Your child’s instructor will advise students on appropriate times for more experienced students. For Intermediates (30-40 minutes at day)

2. Label instruments and books and take care of their equipment.

3. Be punctual for lessons and rehearsals.

4. Show respect towards your teacher, peers and music instruments in the rooms.

Parents will be required to:

(For younger age students, parents need to be actively involved in their instrument learning)

1. Assist children in checking the time of their lesson before the start of the school day and inform the teacher of absences within given timeframe.

2. Assist children in remembering to take, and collect their instrument and books on the days of their lesson.

3. Actively monitor the child’s practice by – firstly making sure there is time in the week for it to happen and secondly, signing the diary to confirm that it has been done and for how long.

4. Raise any concerns about child’s lessons as soon as possible with the music teacher.

5. Term fees should be paid four weeks prior to the beginning of each Term.

6. Minimum of four weeks notice (prior to the end of Term) to the Musicteacher is required if a child is withdrawing from the program. Invoices are

provided at the start of every month.

No refund of fees will be made if a child decides to withdraw from lessons during the month. Requests for lesson changes a minimum

of four weeks notice (prior to end of Term) to the Music Teacher.

Factor Private Music Lessons

Cost: First lesson ($45 -45 minutes)- To assess student level and needs, prepare a 4-8 week learning program/plan.

We encourage new students to book for a 45 minute lesson, so I can get to know what their skills and abilities are, so I can plan and tailor for future lessons, if you wish to continue. I encourage only a 30 minute lesson for our younger students. Intermediate and advanced students should consider either 45 or 60 minute lessons to get full benefits of teachers expertise and time for Q & A.

There are lots to cover and to take in for any young student or mature age student. Therefore, from all my years of teaching, it is wise to not rush the very first lesson and take the time to absorb and take in all the information and the necessary skills that you would be required to work on from your first lesson and over the coming weeks and for the duration of the course.

Basic package 1:($144 /4 Weeks)

(1 x 30 min lessons-weekly for 4 weeks)

Basic package 2:($288 /8 Weeks)

(1 x 30 min lessons-weekly for 8 weeks


• One Lesson of 30 Minutes – Costs from $36-$41

• One Lesson of 45 Minutes – Costs from $46-$51

• One Lesson of 60 Minutes – Costs from $61-$71

Casual or one off lessons – 30 Minutes- $41-$46

The details of your fess structure will be further advised during the First Lesson.

More than one student in Private Lesson attracts more discounts.

Please enquire at the time of your first lesson.


Group Lesson requires minimum of 3 students or the cost will be shared by other students.

• $15-$20 per person under the Age of 18

• $25-$30 per person over the Age of 18

3. WORKSHOPS – Comprehensive Half day or Full Day Training in Drum-kit, Djembe, Congas, Surdo, Rhythm Coaching, Guitar, Bass and all SPECIAL PROGRAMS mentioned in Our Course

Please contact your teacher for fees, times and course contents.

BF Music Rules and Regulations


 BFMA may use film or still photographs of students for appropriate promotional purposes.

 You (or your parents if you are under 18 years of age) must inform BFMA in writing at any time if you will not allow the use of such images.


The Terms and Conditions described above are agreed to upon enrolment and may be changed at any point by BFMA without providing notice to the pupil. A copy of the Terms and Conditions will always be available on the website and may be emailed to the student/caregivers on request.


For all general enquiries: info@beatfactormusic.com
For all absence notifications: email, text or call 0411 028 077

To find us on Instagram: @bfmusicacademy
To find us on facebook: Facebook.com/beatfactormusic

Enrollment Policy:

All lessons MUST be pre-paid. Either on a casual rate basis or on our discounted Term payments.
Automatically each student is enrolled for Music Lessons and obligated to BF music Terms & Conditions once student or students commence their first lesson in the Term.

Our Payment options

• Electronic Funds Transfer

• Cash/chequrPayments

• Flexible payment arrangements available.

Community Drum Group Lessons

There are no refunds or make up lessons for missing Group Lessons or Workshops held at Saltwater community Centre or Point Cook community Centre. The teacher has to pay a community room hire fee, regardless if whether 3 or 10 students show up for the lesson. Two weeks notice is required to cancel a community room booking without charge to the teacher.

Certain exceptions can be considered and a lesson credit will be applied to the student account in the following Term.

Late Arrivals – Private & Group Lessons

Students arriving late will not have their lesson time extended unless there is ability and a valid reason for doing so. This backs up the entire schedule and presents scheduling problems for everyone concerned. Certain exceptions considered.

External Performance of Content

Without the written consent of a Beat Factor Music staff, students or anyone else is not permitted to perform or display any of the lessons taught in class in a public platform, online media inclusive (YouTube, Facebook etc.). Any breaches of these terms and condition will be dealt with serious actions.

Teaching and Sharing Beat Factor Music content

Without the consent of Beat Factor Music, any sharing of the Beat Factor Music lessons and teaching to a third party is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.Any unpermitted recording or taping of Beat Factor Music classes is PROHIBITED. Any breaches of these terms and condition will be dealt with serious actions.

Any concerns on any of the above terms and conditions, please contact your teacher to discuss. We will more than willing to clear up any issues.


July 2023. Beat Factor Music Academy


Beat Factor Music have implemented extra health precautions and changes. 

Re-Opening COVID-19 Condition of Entry below:

·       The Mandatory Vaccination Directions of the Chief Health Officer came into effect on 15 October 2021, all students over 16 years of age, parents, and teachers are mandated to be COVID-19 Double Vaccinated to enter business premises or have a Victorian Government recognised medical exemption.

·       Students & parents will be required to Check In using the ‘Victorian Gov QR check-in Service’ and show their Digital Vaccine Certificate on arrival. 

·       Find out how to get your COVID-19 digital certificate with the easy-to-use guide on this link: 


·       Students over 16 years of age who either don’t have a smart phone or need help to check-in and prove their vaccination status, can do so by presenting a hardcopy of their vaccination certificate. 

·       Non vaccinated students can still continue with ZOOM online lessons, or phone your teacher for more details.

·       Masks for students over 12 years of age are still mandatory indoors at Beat Factor Music Studio, unless you have a medical exemption. 

For a complete guide, including the current roadmap, please visit this link: 


We ask all students and parents to follow these new & important COVID-19 procedures before entering the Music Studio.

Re-Opening COVID-19 Condition of Entry below:

  • There are TWO chairsin the foyer, we ask that ONLY students sit in the waiting area, all parents, other family members or friends, please wait in your car or outside the building (this is to reduce the number of people in our foyer/waiting area).
  • We will endeavor to have a 30 minute gap between each student, to prevent a build up of traffic in and out of the studio.
  • Hand wipes and sanitisers are provided in the foyer and in the studio. Students must sanitize hands before the lessons.
  • We encourage students to bring their own guitars, picks, tuners, drum-sticks and music folder to the classes to minimize sharing of equipment.


    Other important procedures that we require you to follow are:
    • If you or any member of your household are sick with cold/flu or respiratory symptoms you MUST NOT come to the studio for music lessons.
    • If you or any member of your household has attended an exposure site you must not attend the studio and the instructions that you are given from the Department of Health must be followed. Please inform also inform us ASAP.
    • When deemed necessary due to COVID19 community outbreaks we may take extra precautions if need be to ensure teachers and students are safe.
    • If you or your child or any person that you have had close contact with does receive a positive test result for COVID-19 you must inform us immediately. Please do not come into the studio and get tested ASAP.
    • If you feel any cold and flu symptoms please inform us and get tested ASAP, if you return a positive result, inform us ASAP so we can take the necessary measures if need be to notify any other members that were here at the same time.
    • Our studio has always tried to implement and focus on good hygiene and we encourage our students to use appropriate hygiene measures such as clean instruments, washing hands, sanitising, bringing their own instruments, music books, drum sticks. The equipment used in the studio will be wiped down before and after each lesson. This will continue to be important and must be adhered by us all.

Please do not hesitate to contact your teacher if you have any questions or concerns regarding the above information.

We look forward in having the students back for face to face classes, in what has been a very disruptive last 18 months.

Thank you for your understanding!

Rod Pilois 

Beat Factor Music Manager



Music Lessons in Drums, Bass & Guitar. 'Move to the Beat'