Testimonial from a Parent

We enrolled our 8-year-old daughter in the music class for kids at beatfactormusic, and the experience has been phenomenal. The instructors are not only skilled musicians but also incredibly patient and adept at teaching young children. Our daughter has not only learned to play the drums but has also developed a passion for music that we never expected. The environment is fun, engaging, and fosters a love for music that goes beyond just playing an instrument. We highly recommend beatfactormusic for any parent looking to introduce their child to the world of music.

Testimonial from an Adult Student

“Rod is a great music teacher and has so much patience when teaching me how to play drums. He had a great teaching method which incorporated a good balance of both Theory and Practical time during the lessons. His calm and step by step teaching approach was fantastic in helping you to build up confidence behind the kit”.  Adam Buruto

“I started with Beat Factor Music in 2009 and finished in 2018. Over the course of those years I learnt so much about my instrument, having Rod as a teacher and mentor I learnt so much about drumming and I wouldn’t be the drummer I am now if it wasn’t for Rod” – James Marshall

Testimonial from a Bass Guitar Enthusiast

Being a bass guitar enthusiast, finding a music class that caters specifically to this instrument was a dream come true. beatfactormusic exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The instructors are not only accomplished bass players but also fantastic teachers who understand the nuances of the instrument. The curriculum is well-structured, covering everything from fundamental techniques to advanced playing styles. The camaraderie among fellow bass enthusiasts in the class adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the learning process. If you’re a bass guitar lover like me, beatfactormusic is the place to be.

Rod does a fantastic job at focusing my son. He is always accommodating and my son always comes out with a smile and a new enthusiasm for playing drums “.

The end of year concert is also a bonus for both the kids and parents, it showcases their work, is all inclusive and very family orientated. What more could you want?” (Irene – Parent)


The 3 ‘P’s ‘

Patience – Practice – Persistence

Three essential things that every student and musician needs to remember in order to do well and succeed in music. I still apply those three principles when things gets tough for me in my music practice, projects and planning. It helps to keep me going with my aim/goal no matter what distraction comes my way.

I hope it helps others to have a more positive outlook in whatever they are doing in life and don’t give up. (Rod Pilois – Teacher/Manager)